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SIRE: GHB’s Whopper
DAM: GHB WCF Stella Blue
COLOR: Black Tri
ABOUT ARTEMIS: GHB Artemis is an XL American Bully known for her sleek black tri coat that catches the eye. With a muscular frame that reflects her Gatorhead Bullies heritage, she stands confidently, making her presence known. A true representation of the XL American Bully breed, Artemis effortlessly combines size and beauty, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter her. As the daughter of the renowned GHB Whopper, she carries forward the legacy of her exceptional bloodline, showcasing the careful breeding and dedication that have shaped her into the remarkable dog she is. Artemis is not just any Bully; she embodies the passion and expertise behind GHB’s renowned breeding program.
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GHB Artemis