Our exceptional studs are the epitome of strength, power, and beauty, and they are ready to take your breeding program to new heights. With their impressive lineage and outstanding physical attributes, our males are the perfect choice for any XL American Bully breeder or enthusiast looking to produce top-notch XL American Bullies. When you choose our studs, you’re not just investing in superior genetics; you’re securing a foundation for excellence in temperament, health, and the coveted Bully characteristics that set our breeding program apart. That’s why so many breeding programs like yours has chosen a stud from Gatorhead Bullies®.

GHB Buster

STUD FEE: Retired
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GHB Whopper

STUD FEE: Closed To The Public
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GHB Smash

STUD FEE: $8,000
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GHB Flex

STUD FEE: $7,000
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GHB Boss

STUD FEE: $7,000
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