GHB Hazel is a big, thick, and muscular chocolate tri Bully xl produced by gatorheadbullies

GHB Hazel | $12,000

Whopper and Nellie daughter , Smash and Boss's littermate. Never bred

GHB Twix is a lilac tri merle xl pitbull prodced by gatorhead bullies of MS

GHB Twix | $15,000

Chop and GHB Buffy son. Click to find out more about him.

ghb nellie nelly lilac tri american bully xl puppies for sale nearme california

GHB Nelly | Free Retired female

Daughter of CABulldog's Jagar & GHB Marie Laveau. Click to contact us for info.

lilac and tan fluffy frenchie who carries isabella gene

Scrappy | $12,000

He's a lilac and tan fluffy Frenchie who can produce isabella. Click to contact us.

GHB Willow is a black tri merle xl american bully. She is an all-star bullies chop of GHB daughter owned by gator head bullies.

Willow | Retired female

Pet Home Only $2,000

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