Gender and pricing is shown on each puppy photo. If two prices are listed, the lower price is pet home pricing.
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Flex | Ava

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Flex | Dream

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Flex | Haley

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GHB Diesel | Ms Sadie

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Whopper | Lila

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Puppies were born April 7th

Male Picks

1st: SOLD
2nd: SOLD
3rd: Pending
4th: $8,500
5th: $8,000
6th: $7,500
7th: $7,000
8th: $6,500
9th: $6,000
10th: $5,500
11th: $5,000

Female Picks

1st: SOLD
2nd: Pending
3rd: $7,500

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Jimmy | Cupcake

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Chop | Rhetta

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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. Justin duplantis

    Im interested in the male you have for 3500 from twix and kelly ? Are deposits accepted

  2. Bryan

    I need flex x annibel daughter for 6k

  3. Allan

    I would like the male pup from flex / annabelle for 5k.

  4. Jeremy ledbetter

    I have a male and female from Flex X Kelly that are a few weeks from turning 1 year old. Kash, my male, weighs 105lbs right now of lean muscle and Penny, female, weighs 97lbs, also lean muscle. Both have the best temperament , easy to train, amazing with my 7 year old daughter and all other animals we have introduced them to from a cat to chinchilla , sugar bears and a bunch of dogs. Eyes stayed blue on both and coats are perfect. Love them to pieces.

  5. I think the babies ok but the big ones I'm 77 years old they would out live me. But I watch yall all the time. Ty Ellie

    Thank you for letting me look into owning one.

  6. Steven Klix

    I have a male and a female Both from different litters and I can tell you I’ve never been happier ! These gigs are soon sweet and smart they have absolutely the best temperament and personalities. I love my GHB Bully’s Thank you soo much! GHB team. Thank you Mary for being very helpful throughout the process. Can’t wait to get some more pups in the future. Love GHB!

  7. Elias Corona

    Hey! I’m interested in flex and Annabel’s litter, the male and female (3k).

  8. Nichole

    Hello! How old are the puppies from Whopper and Kj?

  9. Sirvsl

    I’m interested in the 6000 fo whooper and kj male puppy. Send to Brazil.

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