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At Gatorhead Bullies® – GHB, we specialize in breeding XL Bullies and producing XL American Bully puppies. Note: Some still refer to this breed as XL Pitbulls. Our breeding program is dedicated to creating top-tier XL Bullies for sale, registered with UKC and/or ABKC. We ensure excellence in every aspect of breeding. We’re committed to producing Bullies of remarkable size, boasting a loving and stable temperament, along with captivating colors and coat patterns. Our XL Bully puppies come in a stunning array of hues, including some of the most preferred colors like blue, lilac, champagne, and chocolate. We also have a variety of tri and merle Bully coat combinations, such as lilac tri, ticked chocolate tri merle, blue tri, and more, making them truly eye-catching and extraordinary.

Our kennel is located in Columbus, Mississippi. It’s a close distance to Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Birmingham, Alabama. Though, shipping is available for an additional fee across the globe.

gatorhead bullies whopper (ghb whopper) standing with dexter lawrence of the ny giants
The Gatorhead Bullies crew with GHB Whopper and Dexter Lawrence of the NY Giants. Yes, it was most definitely an amazing photo op!
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Each and every one of our XL Bully puppies are nurtured in a warm and caring home setting accordingly. Our young children play an active role in their upbringing. The kids wholeheartedly engage in the care of our puppies, ensuring they enjoy plenty of exercise and social interactions. This early and loving upbringing cultivates exceptional temperaments in our XL Bully puppies. Consequently, making them incredibly sociable and well-accustomed to the company of children as well as other dogs.

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At Gatorhead Bullies®, our commitment lies in building an outstanding lineage of spirited and athletic XL & XXL American Bullies. Our XL American Bullies embody a loyalty that defines the kind of dogs they are and what we have been working to build. Our breeding program is dedicated to the meticulous selection of traits: robust health, exceptional athleticism, stunning beauty, and remarkable size, all accompanied by innate loyalty and an unwavering eagerness to offer unparalleled companionship.

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If you’re ready to welcome an XL American Bully friend into your life, we invite you to meet our Gatorhead Bullies® puppies today. We are located in Columbus, Mississippi. Please contact us to schedule a time to meet your future puppy, or to check out our amazing American Bully XL studs.

Whopper and Chop semen now stored and available in the UK. Contact us for more information!

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Our American Bully Kennels

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We have available adorable Dachshunds and French Bulldogs for sale and you can browse our Frenchie selection by clicking here or by visiting our other websites below.

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  1. Jaqaylan

    I love them dogs I’m tryna start my own kennel .

    1. Artis german

      I love these dogs my number is 7725880297 I need a girl for my yard

  2. Bonnie Plummer

    I love them! Would you ship to Illinois?

  3. Cambreia Lampkin

    How much is it for an American bully puppy because I want one

  4. Sheila Zuber

    Looking for a shaded red dachshund female

  5. Judy Russell

    Hi, I love your breeding program… absolutely gorgeous pups with perfect heads!! I am looking for a female XL bully pup. While I am partial to the greys, blues, lilac…it’s more important to have a solid temperament that will blend in with other dogs, and farm animals… she will be a farm dog.

  6. Kemi Turner

    Iam interested in an XL American bully pup. I live in Longview Texas. I know these babies are exspensive so how much will it be to purchase and ship and how do you ship these sweet babies without them being hurt. Also is their or could their be a payment plan

  7. Carlas Colebrook

    What’s the price range for your pups

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