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This page is where you can pick and place a deposit and reserve a puppy pick.

What does this mean?
After breeding completed and puppies are expected, before and up to 4 weeks old you are able to reserve your place in order to choose your puppy. Example: you have 3rd pick, time to choose the puppies, you must wait till the 2nd pick has choosen their puppy.

Great I am interested in reserving a puppy pick, whats the next step?

Call Renee, you will be given a CONTRACT to fill out and she will have you send her a payment, If the puppies under the breeding are less than 4 weeks old, a non refundable $1,000 deposit can be made to reserve your place in the pickings. If the puppies are more than 4 weeks old and before you take the puppy home, payment must be made in full before puppy leaves our kennel.
XXL American Bully Sire  Prince x Ms Tiffany Breeding
XXL American Bully Dam  Prince x Ms Tiffany Breeding
Ms Tiffany

1 Puppy available from this Breeding, Picture is pending.

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